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Pool Plaster and Tile Services

pool plaster and tile services

Whether you are building a new pool or looking after your current one, the surface of your pool is something that you really need to consider. Commonly, most pools will either have tile or plaster surface. We specialise in both installation and repair of both. So, whether you decide you want plaster walls for your new pool or need to replace or repair any tiles in your current pool, you can utilise the professional and affordable pool services that we provide to get the job done in the right way.

Tile and Plaster Services

Tiles and plaster are two of the most common options you can choose from for the surface of your pool. Both have their benefits, so it’s ultimately a matter of which one is a better fit for you and your circumstances. We are the pool service in Bakersfield CA that can provide tile and plaster services for both new and old pools. We are the expert Bakersfield pool builders that can help build your new pool, as well as the team that can provide any replastering or tile repair work you need done. So, whether you are building a new pool or need to give your current one a touch up, we’re the service for you.

Benefits of Plaster

Plaster has been the go to option for pools for years, and it’s not hard to see why. Plaster is seriously durable, and really made to last. In fact, if a proper chemical balance is maintained in your pool, the plaster walls can last for years without any issues. Plaster can also be easily customized to create a range of different look, so you can seamlessly match your pool to your outdoor space. On top of all that, plaster is one of the most affordable options that you have to choose from.

Benefits of Tiles

Tiles can be a great choice for your backyard pool for many reasons. Tiles are durable, so they are sure to last even when face with a number of challenges. From a design point of view, tiles can be great as they provide real flexibility, as there’s so many different colors, patterns and designs that you can choose from, so you can create any stylish look that you want. This can make it easy to match your pool to your home or outdoor space. Many different types of tiles are also easy to keep clean, which can be a major bonus.

Repair Work

As well as installation, we can also provide repair work when it comes to both tiles and plaster. Replastering your pool is something that’s necessary after a certain period of time. This timeframe can decrease if your pool isn’t properly looked after, as an improper balance of chemicals can damage the plaster walls of your pool. Along with that, there’s a number of ways that the tiles in your pool can become damaged and need to be either repaired or replaced.

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